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There and Back Again

Just logged on 4 miles

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Eowyn's Challenge
Eowyn's Challenge

Just logged on 4 miles

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I need to log on 7 more though. LOL! I forget to log my miles on the page all the time. I started a nightly walking thing. I need the time to clear my head and have some "me" time. I like it. I have a weight watchers walking CD from the kit (CD/DVD walking workout with book and a coupon on the ww pedometer) which is sooo the BOMB! I'm really enjoying it.

So Elora goes to bed at night and I go walking. I can 2.25 miles in 40 minutes. Not bad. So I'm in training now for the March of Dimes walk. If you would like to sponsor us, just go to:


I'm raising money in the March for Babies which is a 4 mile walk at Lake Lanier Islands April 26th. Elora's coming with me to cheer Mommy on! She's also my personal trainer. LOL! She goes walking with me every day that I'm off and then I walk now when she goes to bed. I just leave my dear husband listening out for her and he's content to watch tv.

Soooooo, I hope to log some more miles tomorrow.
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