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There and Back Again

getting back on track

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Eowyn's Challenge
Eowyn's Challenge

getting back on track

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pentagram jewels
With being pregnant and the hot weather, I have to admit, I've been pretty lazy about my walking. This week, I'm getting back on track. I don't love my weight gain this time. I know a lot of it is the baby, but still, not all of it. Since I'm overweight to begin with, I just don't think it's healthy and I wanna be healthy. I'm eating well, but the inactivity isn't helping. Soooooo, tonight, I'm going walking for a bit after dinner. Maybe if my hubby isn't feeling too badly (he's recovering from surgery on his collar bone) he'll want to go with me. Wheeee! Thanks to myfanwy65 and to leenie68 for helping me get back on track.
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